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Whether you’re a parent wondering if your child has autism, a teacher looking to support students, or a veteran caregiver, the Royal Guide, brought to you by the Royal Ball Run for Autism, is designed to help you navigate local autism resources and area service providers. The Royal Guide can connect you to places where individuals on the spectrum are supported, loved, encouraged and understood.

A special thanks to the Quad City Parrot Head Club, the Autism Society of the Quad Cities, and Junior Board of Rock Island for helping make the Royal Guide possible. The Royal Ball Run for Autism would also like to thank area parents, volunteers, service providers, educators, and our generous Quad Cities community for making this resource possible.

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Our Story

Recognizing more than special needs resources; our guide will also include those places where “our kids can be our kids”. Places where they are supported, loved, encouraged and understood. Where those of us navigating the often unpredictable world of autism, can rest easy that the doctor you’re about to meet has worked well with kids at all points along the spectrum; that the dentist will understand your child’s unique sensory needs; that the barber will take special steps to put your child at ease, when they are in or out, of the barber chair.

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